Plastic scoop

Designing your unique plastic scoop (innovative id3as)

Consider designing your packaging in innovative way? Look for fresh ideas to exploit the true potential you have … But how to create real added value? How to evaluate the price-benefit ratio and estimate the effect of changes?

Plastic scoop manufacturer

Let’s look at some questions that might lead to some results … The reference case below is made for the case of a plastic scoop (also refered to as dosing tool / dosing aid / measuring device).

  • Plastic scoop – why is it used for?
    The main purpose of the plastic scoop can be either simple dosing, advanced measuring or something in between. Understanding the product use, end-user expectations and perception of the dosing / measuring activity is crucial! Do not doubt. Make trials to find out all that. Its an extremely smart way if you take into account the risks ;)
  • Consider branding / marketing activities on a plastic scoop
    Differentiate your product (by segments, by regions etc.). Integrate your marketing campaigns, loyalty programs and other sales related activities into your packaging, onto your plastic scoop. Do not forget, it is hard to achieve closer contact more often than the client has with the plastic scoop. So use the potential! Tailor the design, change colors, change the decoration etc. Seek for solutions that allow you to be responsive for affordable price. And most important – to communicate!
  • BRAND, BRAND, BRAND. Communicate your BRAND on plastic scoop
    Look for a way to personalize products. Enable people to identify themselves with your brand, with your products and also with your packaging. It will work with the effect of a multiplier.
  • Seek to apply NEW SOLUTIONS on your plastic scoop
    Go for a NEW SOLUTIONS. Go for premium solutions in case you are looking for the overall benefits or exploit the new solutions for cutting costs. For example … use the new age digital decoration and reach full flexibility in the field of scretch resistant texts, paterns, graphics, and even multi-component effect for a slightly higher price than you would be paying for standard moulding.

  • Is there a way how we could use a plastic scoop for other purposes?
    In standard cases plastic scoop is not considered as a primary packaging. So, why not consider using it for the purpose of promotion. With other words, use it as a stand alone promotional tester or promotional tester which is part of another product (cross-selling / co-marketing / co-branding).

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