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Advanced designs & marketing approach, Injection symulations, Risk analysis, Lab evaluation tests, Material analysis, Engineering services, Feasibility and ROI studies, TQM, Lean production, Cost-effective analysis, Process infrastructure and automation, Advanced moulding & Assembling solution concepts, Tooling standards, Production monitoring systems, Key turn solution concepts, Trainings and seminars etc.

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Manufacturing concepts, Rapid prototyping, Pilot moulds, Production moulds, Product sampling and troubleshooting, Quality testing, Start-up assistance etc.

Research & development

Sopi’s Research & Development relates to processes and activities developing next generation solutions in a systematic and structured way. In order to truely deliver the leading industry solutions, Sopi’s core R&D team closely cooperates also with external research centers, academics, engineers, designers, marketing agencies and other industry practitioners. Our goal is to anticipate market trends so that we can constantly deliver value to our clients, by providing them:

  • Creative and innovative product development (concept, design, usability etc.) – SEE THE EXCLUSIVE OFFER
  • Plastic material optimisation
  • Product evaluation and optimisation
  • Production process evaluation and optimisation
  • Total quality revision and lean organisation recommendation
  • Trainings and seminars

We do not leave you until you are completely satisfied with the outcomes.

Each customer expectations are different and so are our Research & Development services that are tailored to your custom needs.

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We are always in search of solutions that help our clients exceed their business goals  by enhancing the efficiency and earnings.

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We have contacted Sopi with a simple request to modernize the existing plastic cap for our plastic packaging. Sopi made a step forward and recommended us several measures that have resulted in significant savings. Our total costs (investment in the plastic cap optimisation, mould development and mould making, trainings and other consulting services) have been payed back with savings in less than three years.

ClientCEO, Chemical industry