Small 80 ml plastic cartridge set

Small plastic cartridge set (cartridge, plunger, plunger cap, nozzle) is a new size packaging solution on the market of sealants and adhesives. For the end-client is more convenient and easier to handle with.

Plastic cartridge set is especially appropriate for the do-it-yourself (DIY) segment, for users that prefer buying products in relatively low volumes. Besides packing products in volumes up to 80 ml, the cartridge set also offers ease and precision of dispensing, which cannot be achieved with flexible packaging.

Due to the fact that plastic cartridge comes in a set, there is no need for the user to buy a pistol to dispense the product from the cartridge (such as with most standard size plastic cartridges or aluminum cartridges). Direct use of product thus speeds up the purchasing decisions.

The small plastic cartridge set is also a great packaging solution to target specific market segment groups and to differentiate the product on the market.

These types of cartridge sets are primarily meant for products in boutique colors or for specific-purpose product types such as decoration chemicals, acoustic sealant, wood sealant, aquarium silicone sealant, glass sealant, tile sealant, mastic silicone, rtv silicone rubber, urethane sealant, windscreen sealant, polyurethane rubber etc.

Please note:

  • Market differentiation
  • Handy small volume packaging
  • No extra cost (no pistol required)
Ref. nr.n/a
Cartridge volume:Up to 80 ml
Cartridge print:Optional
Cartridge height:148 +- 0,5 mm
Cartridge bottom fi:28 +- 0,05 mm
Nozzle height:54 mm
Piston height:115 +- 1 mm
Piston cap bottom fi:28,2 + 0,1 mm
Material, cartridge & pistonPEHD
Material, nozzle & piston capPELD

Please note that plastic cartridge set can be produced in your desired color combinations.