Plastic solutions development phase

R&D plastic solutions

Brainstorming, Concept innovation, Illustrations, Technical drawings, 3D design, Risk analysis, ROI studies, etc.

Plastic solutions production phase

Plastic packaging - production

Rapid prototyping, Injection moulding analysis, Pilot mould series, Testing and troubleshooting, Product optimisation, Production mould series etc.

Plastic solutions assembly and after-sales phase

Automation & Assembly production

Guarantees, Consulting services, Trainings etc.

Plastic solutions

Sopi develops, produces and supplies next generation plastic solutions, mainly in the area of plastic packaging.

Constant innovation is the key to everything we do. Whether you need:

  • Plastic packaging
      – Plastic shoulders (with standard/metric thread, snap-on etc.)
    – Plastic caps (screw-on, flip-top, disk-top and gable-top plastic caps, vial, etc.)
    – Non-standard cartridges, plastic nozzles etc.
      – Other plastic closures (dispensing devices, pourers, inserts, droppers, etc.)
  • Engineering plastic solutions

We do not give up until you get plastic solution in line with your requirements.

Sopi, your single-point supplier for plastic solutions.

Contact us today to discuss the Plastic solutions you need.

Plastic solutions concerns

Concept & Design

Before starting the actual design the automation and assembly concept is rethought in details, addressing the crucial concerns – advanced part attributes, high productivity and lowest cost product.

Any ideas you have, we can help you realize them.


If you are facing any problems or challenges with your existing automation and assembly, Sopi can quickly provide you the solution you look for with a fast diagnosis and in-depth analysis of the problem that will give you a practical and cost-efficient solution, custom-made to your needs.

Consulting services

Sopi offers consulting and any other assistance you may need with your plastic solutions. Whether you are just starting and implementing new projects, launching a new product, need support in integrating plastic solutions into your system, or need support regarding the related processes, Sopi is here to help you with an expert advice and assistance and will provide you with a concrete solution to your problem. Sopi’s supporting services are at your disposal from the beginning of the project to the end to ensure your complete success.


For an optimal and cost-efficient production process, your automation and assembly machinery need to be well maintained. And sometimes a defective part does not need to be replaced with a new part; it just needs to be modified, adapted, upgraded or repaired. Sopi’s experienced team of engineers can carry out on site service and repairs of your machinery and equipment or diagnostic visits at short notice. All repairs and maintenance are documented and we give you suggestions for optimal preventive maintenance and troubleshooting accordingly.

We strive towards the automation and assembly concepts that are optimised also for servicing – for example that the access to the points being loaded the most is easy and without serious time losses.

Insights related to Plastic solutions

Digital decoration - creative packaging
Plastic nozzles for plastic cartridges - private label
Plastic packaging trends

ROI calculator


Packaging has a strong impact on the end consumer. Sopi started developing from a scratch, based on guidelines we have given. The product has been very well accepted among our consumers. One could never expect such a boost in sales as a result of a new innovative plastic closure.

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