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Plastic part development

Plastic cap developmentIdea related costs


decreased idea related costs


reduced time to market
Reverse engineering

as you imagine!

You like the part that already exists? Don’t worry – we do a reverse engineering!


Value added

Would you like to develop the idea from the scratch up to 75% faster? We think out-of-the box for you ;-)

Plastic part CAD modeling

Focus on design, NOT software!

You already have a model? Any file extension is OK for us – we convert it to CAD model.

No R&D related risks

No risks! 100% working solutions!

Not sure if something is possible? In-depth engineering studies will prove you …

Optimal injection moulding of plastics

Technical know-how for optimal manufacturability

Consider cost-benefit analysis – our know-how guarantees you all-in-all the best value for money …

Rapid prototyping

Ease & flexibility
of design iterations

Want to see the quick preview of your idea? High precision plastic prototype in extra short time.

Full functionality tests

Rapid tooling for full functionality tests

Production checks; design, material, shape, assembly, color, strength and other tests.

Sales tests

On the shelves tests in 21+ days

Not sure if the plastic part will be well accepted among end-users? Make actual sales tests and see straight a way!

Small series

Differentiate yourself with exclusivity

Holidays, anniversaries and other important events are a great opportunities for exclusivity. 100% tailored small series with minimal investment!


Quality checks &
part testing

You doubt the quality or you simply need to make plastic part tests? We make 360° quality inspections and part tests on a daily basis..

Mould performance optimisation

Once everything is developed … you can engage us to make you a new age pilot (cavity) mould and/or serial mould!

Injection moulding

Injection moulding upon request

We support you as your friend also in the injection moulding.

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