Plastic nozzles are known as a product that comes together with various sealants & adhesives. DIY staff & professionals often use several plastic nozzles (due to various nozzle shapes required / multiple-time use) when applying the product. While they often get only one plastic nozzle together with the product, there is a need to buy them as a standalone product as well. In the following paragraphs you can read about the advantages of private labeling presented on a case of plastic nozzles.

Plastic nozzles for plastic cartridges - private label

See the advantages of private labeling:

  • Connecting a brand with certain range of products – i.e. linking YOUR BRAND to plastic nozzles
    If clients need complementary products when using your core product, then make sure it is YOUR “brand” that is identified with that complementary product. For example with private labeling of plastic nozzles, own brand image is being created. Clients start to associate these products and other similar product with a particular brand.
  • BRAND, BRAND, BRAND. Comprehensive branding activities
    Private labeling of a wider range of products (i.e. sealants / adhesives & complementary accessories such as plastic nozzles) boosts customer recognition and loyalty in a particular market segment. Plastic nozzles packed in a plastic bag with a tailor-made card-header is thus a great tool for producers of sealants & adhesives (i.e. Henkel, Soudal, Bostik etc.) to gain competitive advantage on the market.
  • Controlling the product & cycle management
    Private labeling of products allows you to be creative. You can exploit the full potential and thus use additional resources to communicate the brand characteristics. Private labeling gives you full control over pricing, marketing, sales and distribution. Let’s demonstrate with plastic nozzles. You can offer various combinations of plastic nozzles in order to boost the ease of product use for various applications (sealing glass windows vs. sealing the bathroom vs. outdoor sealing activities). You can tailor-made packs for various market segments (DIY staff vs. hard-core professionals). You can boost the attraction of the product by using various vivid colors etc.
  • Connect branding activities
    Combine core products with private label complementary products to boost their attractiveness, stand-out on the shelves and make your products harder for competitors to match or clients to do price checks with competitive products. Offer private label products in various sizes, various packs, with various packaging etc.
  • Improve your earnings, improve your profit
    Selling private label products through existing sales network is easy and it yields good financial results. Speaking from the point of well-established sealant producers – they sell to DIY retail chains such as Castorama, Maxeda, Bricor etc. thousands of products already. What does it mean for them in terms of administrative expenses (organisation, logistics etc.) to deliver additional items? Answer is simple – plastic nozzles for them represent a complementary trading good that yields a pure profit. Same holds for the DIY retail chains – by connecting directly with the producers with the purpose of selling a private label goods they earn a bigger premium/margin, since the expenses are minimized (no marketing/sales expenses on the producer’s side).

Did you know?

  • Cartridge nozzles are in other countries also often referred to as:
    Kartuschenspitzen, Canule pour cartouches, Beccucci per cartucce, Boquillas para cartuchos, Bicos aplicadores de cartuchos, Patronspetsar, Patronspisser; Patronspidser, Patruunan suutin, Hосики для картриджей, Накрайници за картуши, Duze pentru cartuşe, Końcówki tuby, Špičky na kartuše, Špičky na kartuše, Kinyomópisztoly fúvóka, Konice za kartuše, Špice za kartuše, Ρύγχη φύσιγγα, Kartuşlar için uçlar, Fishek hundë etc.
  • People normally use cartridge nozzles in combination with sealants & adhesives (acryl, silicone, PU, various glues etc). In other countries these products are often referred to as:
    Dichtstoffe, Yapıştırıcılar, клей, Szilikon, силикон, Lepak, Tömítőanyag, Tmely, Sigillanti, Selladores, Cola, Hermeetik, Adhesivos, Mastics, şilicones, Kit, Silikooni, Izolanti, лепила, Adesivi, Lepilo, Hermētiķis, Silikonitiiviste, Derz dolgu ürünleri, Tiiviste, Silikon, Celantes, Lim, герметики, Siliconia, уплътнител, Kleber, Colles, Lijmen, Fugemasse, Σιλικόνη, Mastikler, Brtvila, Kόλλα, Tesnilo, Etanșanți etc.

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