Mould for production of PET bottle plastic handles

Optimisation of clamping force (plastic handle mould) savings

Case study summary:

Carrying handles for PET bottles (often also simply referred as plastic handles) are a convenient partner for handling larger PET bottles. Most often plastic handles come with 3-, 4- and 5-litre PET bottles and are popular for the following applications: water, edible oils, juice, cordial, carbonated soft drinks, home care products, hazardous goods, etc.

Sopi made a 16 cavity injection mould for the production of 3-finger plastic handles with inner diameter of 38 mm. The client (PET bottle producer) was looking for a reliable solution that would fit their turn-key solution budget. Sopi assisted the client in searching for highest value solutions. In given case, the computer symulations were focusing on reaching the optimal fit between cycle time, required clamping force and product design / quality.


Client‘s requirements:

  • Seeking for injection mould that fits client‘s turn-key solution budget (IM machine & IM mould)
  • Production cell total output (volume) of 40 mio pcs or more
  • Consulting services related to the turn-key solution

SOPI‘s approach:

  • Optimization of plastic handle for use (shape, ribs, edges) and production (moulding, PET bottle assembly force)
  • Simulations & studies for decreasing the total turn-key solution investment (incl. material selection)
  • Engineering services (tight cooperation with clients) for optimisation of plastic handles production
  • Turn-key solution start-up & employee training

Benefits for the client:

  • Decreasing the required clamping force to 170 ton
  • Turn key solution investment within given budget range
  • Optimisation of moulding (material selection, cooling system, design improvements etc.)
  • Technologic solutions for long injection mould lifetime
  • Extreamly stable and reliable production cell

We came to Sopi with limited budget options. The PET bottle plastic handle product design was optimized for fast cycle time and minimal clamping force required. Investment into the mould was a high added value bargain!

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