Wide mouth caps used in combination with various wide mouth plastic containers and wide mouth plastic bottles represent a popular packaging solution for powder food products (incl. food supplements, nutrition, baby food, coffee, tea, cacoa, etc), cosmetic products, chemical products etc. These closures (unlined or lined) are often used as higher value alternative, therefore there is often a request to improve the aesthetics and inject these closures from the inside (place the injection point on the inner side of the wide mouth closures). Furthermore, this is also the case when we discuss the in-mould-label (IML) wide mouth caps.

The presented project refers to a family of wide mouth lids – they come in different diameters (such as 120 mm, 100 mm and 89 mm), in different shapes (ribbed vs smooth) and surfaces (polished vs matt). Combining several options within one modular injection mould decreases the product related risks and makes the total investment financially more feasible. The mould design is extremely robust and allows fast response times (fast changeover time & short production cycle time). Only top quality materials were used.

Client‘s requirements:

  • Top-quality modular injection mouldfor production of wide mouth lids
  • Client strives for a family of wide mouth plastic caps – d120-400, d100-400, d89-400.
  • Fast changeover system for various versions (incl. smooth/ribbed; matt/polished)
  • Wide mouth caps need to come with a special interrupted design of the thread (patented technology)
  • System of ribs for optimal sealing system – lined (pressure sensitive liners vs. induction liners) vs. unlined wide mouth caps
  • Studies for weight & usage optimization
  • Fast cycle time required

SOPI‘s approach:

  • We researched the use of a product and possible solutions
  • In-depth engineering services & strong in-house know-how (predicting the design changes that would )
  • Optimization of wide mouth caps (shape, ribs, edges) and production (moulding)
  • Modular mould design for modularity of wide mouth closures
  • Advanced moulding studies (adjusting the cap design to reflect different warpage effect which occurs as a reflection of cycle time improvement)
  • Advanced cooling system (cores for faster thermal conductivity & extremely low cycle times)

Benefits for the client:

  • Economies of scale & scope (various wide mouth caps are produced by single modular injection mould)
  • Family of unique wide mouth caps as a measure to improve product related risks
  • Enhanced quality (aesthetics) of packaging – injection from the inner side
  • Production cell for in-mould labeling applications on wide mouth caps
  • Compatibility of wide mouth caps with existing automation machinery for inserting liners
  • Robust, stable and reliable production cell for production of wide mouth caps

Modular injection mould will enable us to produce a family of lined & unlined wide mouth caps, with and without IML.

ClientClient, Food industry, CEO

Did you know?

  • Wide mouth caps are often referred to as Wide mouth closures or Wide mouth lids.