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Product development for the end customer


Before starting serial production on a prototype mould/tool a sample product is made which meets your requirements and expectations. Full corrections and changes are made on it. Before we deliver a serial mould/tool, it is properly tested in our test center. Each mould goes through a comprehensive sampling process where all the splash parameters are verified and optimized to deliver the best ending product. The verified mould enables more stable process, greater efficiency and quality in production.


Unfortunately, problems and inconveniences in the production process occur in every process. We help you diagnose the problem, analyze it, and offer you a solution that will bring you a smooth process in production.

We offer consulting, technological advice and any other help you need in the field of plastic injection molding tools or assembling machines. We advise you on the introduction of the  new project-process introductions on the market, the choice of material, etc. Support for our customers is available from the beginning of the project and until you are satisfied with the achieved result.

Repair and maintenance

If you want an optimized and cost-effective process, you will need to make sure your moulds/tools are well-maintained. Otherwise, you may face delays in delivery times and non-compliant products. Our employees can check, repair, upgrade and customize your moulds according to the requirements you have. All repairs and maintenance made on the moulds are carefully documented. We also offer you the possibility to make suggestions for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Spare parts

If you need a spare part for your mould or assembled machine, we can provide and install it for you; spare part, however, can also be produced for you on an order at the  competitive delivery times and price.

Mounting machines

Our customers are provided with a production line for packaging or assembling products. We work closely with various manufacturers of packaging and assembly machines to provide you with the most optimized turnkey solutions with added value. We provide cost-effective and fast assembly machines that enable immediate results in your production.