Sopi d.o.o.
Kamniska cesta 24,
SI-1235 Radomlje, Slovenia, EU

T: +386 1 831 93 86
F: +386 1 831 93 87

Company presentation

The company is engaged in the development, production and sale of plastic products. We specialize in technical solutions in the field of plastic packaging for the chemical and food industry and the industry in the field of personal care. Parallel to our own production, we offer the production of plastic injection molding tools - from idea through the development to the final product. Presence of composite plastic packaging on the market today means that we also cover the segment of composite or assembly machines.

The constant development and presence in the market enables us to quickly respond with concrete solutions that enables the buyer to realize his ideas. When we entered the international market in 2006, we had a vision of a company with which we would like to cooperate. The result of such reflection is the full offer and support to our customers in one place. We currently support customers three storage locations in Europe (Slovenia, the Netherlands, England).