Sopi d.o.o.
Kamniska cesta 24,
SI-1235 Radomlje, Slovenia, EU

T: +386 1 831 93 86
F: +386 1 831 93 87


We are proud of our products, therefore all processes in our working environment and production system are integrated into the quality management system, which is also confirmed by the implementation of the ISO 9001: 20015 standard.

We are committed to respect and protect the environment, and strive to minimize environmental impact in everyday operations. Therefore, we are also certified according to the ISO 14001: 20015 standard for the environmental management system.

ISO quality standards are among the most established quality frameworks in the world and are used not only for quality management systems, but also for management systems in general. Quality systems are regularly evaluated with internal and external audits and customer satisfaction reports. We strive for continuous improvement of all our work processes.

SOPI d.o.o. according to the analyzes for the year 2017 belongs to 6.8% of the best business entities in Slovenia and thus belongs to the highest grade AAA. Credit Excellence is a European recognized reference to the financial performance of a company that enables easier and faster business decision made with less risk.