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List of our own products

Sealant nozzle extender from S15-M15 threaded converter NEW!

Not just Nozzle extender!

  • Nozzle Extender for Plastic Cartridges or Foil Adapters
  • Nozzle Extender for Aluminium Cartridges or Aluminium Tubes
  • Nozzle Extender and Threaded Converter!!! from S15 to M15!
  • 4 types of Extenders and or Converters available!

The nozzle tip extension is screwed onto the cartridge or the "foil bag" system with a gun (foil adapter). The universal extension facilitates the application of fillers on hard-to-reach spots, deeper gaps and openings, when working at a height and other accessible elevated or low-lying locations that require filling. Possibility of using several extensions in a row.