Creative packaging is more than ever a must, since packaging is one of the most important factors that influence consumers. Now, marketing & sales staff have a new tool that makes miracles. It’s called digital decoration of plastic packaging and allows rigid plastic parts produced as serial products to be uniquely decorated for affordable price. Believe it or not – each part can be decorated in its own way.

Tool for boosting the product attractiveness

Digital technology allows you to adapt to market changes quickly. It gives you the possibility to reflect your consumer‘s mood better by adapting the product to various:

-periods of time (such as summer time, Christmas rush etc.)
-life-time events (Valentine‘s day, Mother‘s day etc.)
-company/brand/product specialties (improvement in the product, anniversaries etc.)
-and others …

The technology enables you to integrate your marketing campaigns (promotional codes / event entry tickets / coupons etc.), loyalty programs and other sales related activities into your packaging and thus easily & cost effectively involve your product.

Digital decoration for creative packaging

Tool for effective product differentiation

Differentiating the product from its competition is crucial, since it enables you to achieve a premium price on the market. Digital decoration of new age allows you to better tailor your products for various target segments.

Furthermore, it is a powerful tool for all marketing and brand-building activities – for communicating directly or indirectly products and their key attributes / characteristics, brand names, slogans etc. Even co-branding (“Role model product edition”, “Complementary brand product edition” etc.) is possible.

Communicating your brand through primary packaging significantly raises the brand awareness (target segment is involved more intensively & for a longer time).

Creative packaging

Tool for powerful messaging

Rigid packaging is due to its use (opening/closing) often in the center of attention and thus represents an unexploited potential! Technology allows responsive messaging – by target segments & markets.

Besides engaging the clients through various marketing & brand-building tools, the company could exploit the new age digital decoration for the purpose of information sharing (“Success of child aid campaigns” etc.), special warnings (“Flammable”, “Dangerous”, “Very spicy” etc.), product use instructions (“Mix with water”, “Shake before opening„ etc.), communicating benefits (“Protection against sun„ etc.), active learning (“Animal images”, “Images of letters” etc.), engaging (“Game characters”, etc.) and other notes (“Limited edition”, “Thank you for buying”).

Creative plastic packaging

Tool for safe-guarding the product

New age digital decoration allows advanced protection & traceability of products. Furthermore, due to ease & speed of changes, the pirates will truly have difficult time imitating your  brands & products.

Additionally, the technology guarantees advanced resistance and is as such a profound tool for products that are meant for promotional use and carry “Not for sale” text (i.e. testers) as well.

Plastic packaging ideas

See below the main advantages of digital decoration (creative packaging):

  • NEW MARKETING & BRAND-BUILDING TOOL (HOT!) for creative packaging
    The technology is about to revolutionize the plastic packaging. Digital technology goes 2.0. The packaging is becoming alive – tailored exclusively to target segment, with promotional content / notes / warnings, functioning as a surprise element, etc. We are living in the era of communication. Companies need to reflect it through their brands – either with the intention to position the brand in the higher segment or simply to differentiate products from the competition.
  • High flexibility for boosting the creativity
    The technology used for the decoration is based on digital media. It allows you to go beyond simple already with your existing injection moulds and designs of your packaging. It gives full flexibility in the field of scratch resistant texts, patterns, graphics and is applicable for various surfaces & reliefs (i.e. closures can be decorated on top as well as all-around).
  • Premium “multicomponent-like” effect
    Various contrast bi-color combinations with optional degrees of shading are possible to reach with this effect, such as butterfly graphics in various shades of orange on black colored background.
  • Durability (temperature & scratch resistant)
    The decoration is resistant to various extreme conditions, such as extremely high/low temperatures, liquids, chemical substances etc.
  • Applicability
    The initial investment for trying out the new age digital decoration is minimal. Despite the fact that the decoration is partly reached in the process of moulding, design of the injection mould does not need significant changes.
  • Environmental friendliness
    This technology is one of the most environmental friendly ways of decorating the plastics. It does not involve inks or solvents, nor does it require the energy-intensive drying steps typical of ink-marking technologies. Due to the origin of the effect, no special attention to recycling is required.
  • Food contact compliance
    The technology is 100% compliant with the strictest requirements for contact with food.
  • Attractive pricing of creative packaging
    Various advantages over ink-based technologies & IMD/IML technologies allow the technology to boost. Taking into the account the uniqueness of the effect, the technology truly is  attractively priced. Pricing policy depends on variables such as volume, design & desired quality though.

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